Requiem for a Fighter

FMF Productions. Dir. Danny Patrick. Prods. Alison Fenton, Jezz Vernon. 95 minute Feature, filmed in HD. A former Danish Army Officer has travelled to Northern Ireland, to clear up details of his estranged son's death and finds that there was another side to his son's life and the people he was friends with. Starring: Kim Kold, Enn Reital, Edie Newman. Filmed in Derry, Northern Ireland. (USA, UK and Netflix release 2018)

Tony Benn - Will and Testament

Cinema Documentary. Praslin Pictures. Prod. Sanjay Kumar. Dir. Skip Kite. Made in HD (Alexa). A 96 minute film looking at the life of an elder statesman who had been active in the political life of this country for over 60 years. Never before had a person of his calibre and reputation spoken to camera in such a direct way. Through intimate interviews and his personal, photographic and film archive, the documentary reveals Benn’s very human face behind the political mask. This is an exclusive and deeply personal look at the life of a national treasure – a frank, candid and sometimes painful exploration of the great themes of life that affected him and affect us all, love, loss, hopes, dreams, fears and death. (completed 2 months before his death). Filmed around the UK and at Ealing Studios, London. (UK Cinema release 2014/15)

Winner of 29 International Film Awards, including the following selection:

Audience Award, Edinburgh International Film Festival
Best Documentary, Byron Bay International Film Festival, Australia
Best Documentary, Urban Film Festival, Tehran
Best Documentary, Irish Times Film Awards
Best Feature Documentary, Southampton International Film Festival
Prix Du Public Univercine Britannique, Nantes Film Festival, France
Honorable Mention, Berlin International Film Festival

The Best Years

TV Movie. HD. Empire Productions. Dir. Danny Patrick. Rom-Com heist movie, set in Northern Ireland. Starring Martin Kemp, Karl Howman, Enn Reitel, (released 2014).


35mm Panavision. Praslin Pictures. Study for a Portrait of a Serial Killer; a feature length drama containing genuine archive, that takes the audience on a unique journey into the mind of Peter Sutcliffe ‘The Yorkshire Ripper’. Filmed in 3 Mills Studios London and Yorkshire. (released 2011/12).

Winner of the following Film Awards:

Los Angeles ‘Art-house Film’ Award.
Royal Reel Award - Canada International Film Festival.
Best Foreign Film - Alaska International Film Festival.
Bronze Palm - Mexico International Film Festival.

Ramji Londonwaley

‘Bollywood’ Feature. 35mm Anamorphic. Dir. Sanjay Dayma. Prod. Sunanda Manohar. Starring R.Madhaven and Samitra Banjargi. A love story set in India and London. (Filmed the 40 mins. set in London. release 2006)


STV and Scottish Screen. Filmed in HD. scanned to 35mm.(shared credit) Dir. Eleanor Yule. Prod. Oscar Van Heek. Starring Peter Mullen, Jodhi May. Dark psychological drama set in an old mansion. (release 2005)

Scotland On Film

Feature + TV series. BBC Scotland. One hundred years of Scotland’s heritage; through the eyes of those who witnessed it. (2004)

Hey Mr DJ

Empire Prods. Filmed in Panavision HD. Thriller set in London’s club scene. (2003)

August Heat

Wild Card Films. 35 mm. Dir. Damian Berger. Prod: Barry Navidi. Supernatural thriller. Studio/location in Spain.


Pop Feature. S16mm. -blown up to 35mm. Dir. Phil Lindsay. Road movie of rockabilly band’s tour of New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The Conspiracy

Feature/TV Movie. S16mm. Dir. James Alexander. Prod. Full Circle. Thriller filmed in UK and Paris.

If It Ain’t Stiff

Pop Feature. Re-release 1994. S16mm.-blown up to 35mm. Dir. Nick Absom. Prod. Stiff Records. British tour of Stiff records – in what has become a classic cult movie. Featuring Elvis Costello, Ian Dury, Nick Lowe and Wreckless Eric.


2nd unit. 35mm. Dir. Colin Gregg. Prod. Neil Zeigler. Based on the book by Bernard MacLaverty. Starring Liam Neeson. Filmed in Ireland. The story of a Catholic priest and his friendship with an orphan boy.

16 Days of Glory

Feature./ TV Movie. 35mm. Dir. Bud Greenspan. Prod. Cappy Prods. NY. The film of the LA Olympics – filmed all UK sequences.


2nd unit Camera Operator. 35mm. Dir. Rob.Cohen. Prod. Martin Schute. Comedy starring John Geilgud and Pamela Stevenson.


Day After Yesterday

Empire Productions: Prod:Alison Fenton, Dir: Danny Patrick. Two students are making their way to the coast during a Zombie Apocalypse. However they have to face worse monsters than the Undead. Starring: Enn Reitel, Debbie Brannan, William Firth.

Sounds and Pictures

Filmed on S16mm and RedHD. Dir. Serdar Ferit. The co-dependent relationship between a blind man and his deaf father is challenged when they meet a beautiful French woman on the beach.

The Bus Driver

Made in HD. Dir: Danny Patrick. Prod. Louise Camby. Supernatural ?feel good' film. Starring Timothy West and Nora-Jane Noone.

Norfolk Coast

For EMI. HD. New Wave Pictures. Dir. Robin Bextor. Prod. Sanjay Kumar. Moody and chilling drama. With Susannah York, Lynsey Baxtor, Nicholas Ball, JJ Burnell. Music written by The Stranglers.

Subject 3

HD. Prod. Dominic Morgon. Dir. Danny Patrick. Very scary horror movie. (pilot for full length Feature)

Sniper 470

Digi-beta to 35mm. Scottish Screen. Dir. Paul Holmes. Prod. Michael Hines. Sci-fi drama. Starring Billy Boyd (Lord of the Rings).

Malicious Intent

Made in HD. Empire Prods. Starring Barry Mcuigan, Karl Howman. Two brothers on a collision course.


S16mm. Dir. Alma Mecattaf. Starring Rachel Shelley. Thought provoking drama about the world of media and the affect of manipulated stories on people’s lives.

Candle in the Quarry

S16mm. Dir. Francesca Phillips. A boy realises he has super-natural powers.

The Wagon Train

35mm. Dir. Bernard Spencer. Prod. James Garratt. Marlboro Western Heritage Film. Life on the ‘Honeymoon Trail’, filmed in Arizona and Utah.